There’s More to Life Than Being Happy – Emily Esfahani Smith – The Atlantic

Given the choice of escape from Nazi Austria or the almost certain imprisonment in a concentration camp if he stayed to help his parents, Viktor Frankl chose to stay. Out of that experience came his bestselling 1946 book, Man’s Search for Meaning, “which he wrote in nine days about his experiences in the camps.” Among his insights: Everything can be taken from a man but one thing, the last of the human freedoms — to choose … more

You asked about Santa Barbara

Where we stay: El Capitan Canyon – really the coolest place to stay, but it’s pretty far out of town. Franciscan Inn – inexpensive, very convenient, easy to walk everywhere, but it’s not plush by any means Eagle Inn – same as Franciscan Others – But also great camping north of Santa Barbara – Gaviota, El Capitan, Refugio and others Restaurants – Low end Super Rica Mexican on Milpas – my favorite … more

Monterey Peninsula Restaurants (updated 2018)

January 2018 We’re often asked where we like to eat (and we like to eat). Here are our current dinner favorites, in additional to our old favorites: Dinner La Balena (Carmel) – Our favorite Italian restaurant, hands-down. Emanuele and Anna do a great job with local ingredients, inspired by Emanuele’s Tuscan tradition. Il Grillo (Carmel). Also owned by Emanuele and Anna, Il Grillo is a bit more casual, a bit less expensive, and a lot easier to … more

A city this grand deserves a lasting vision (Monterey County Weekly)

A city this grand deserves a lasting vision. LOCAL SPIN: Reimagining Monterey A city this grand deserves a lasting vision. Michael Delapa Thursday, January 24, 2013 I can remember the first time I visited Monterey. It was 1976, and I was an undergraduate at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station. There was something about the city that immediately captured me – I can’t say exactly what. Perhaps it was its physical beauty and proximity to Monterey … more

Utah, Colorado, and Yampa River Resources (2013)

Reading List Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness Rockhounding Utah Books by Utah Authors (Goodreads) Guide to the Green and Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument How the Yampa River and its Dependents Survived the Drought of 2012 and video story Websites Holiday River Expeditions – Yampa River Vernal, UT Colorado Tourism – Official Colorado Vacation Guide | Yampa River State Park Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument – National Park Service Friends … more

Pigovian Taxes May Offer Economic Hope –

Pigovian Taxes May Offer Economic Hope – This proposal mirrors the fee-bate concept in the Drive+ legislation that Gary K. Hart introduced in 1989/1991 (and that Ken Goldsholl and I initiated): “Yet, in principle, any change that makes the economic pie larger makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a bigger slice than before. The practical challenge is to slice the larger pie so that everyone comes out ahead. A first step toward a … more

Sample Nonprofit Management Plan

Before Starting, Key Questions to Ask What does success look like? What are the goals to achieve this success (short and long term) Executive Summary This section should summarize the entire management plan and emphasize its high points, including: What is the vision for success? What is the purpose of this plan? How much money are we raising, in what form, and for what purposes? What is the potential of our product/service or the goal … more

Sample Business Plan

Executive Summary This section summarizes the entire business plan, emphasizing its high points: What is the purpose of your plan? How much money are you requesting, in what form (equity or debt), and for what purpose? What is the market potential of your product/service? What are its significant features? What are your product development milestones? What financial results do you anticipate? I. Business Elements What is your business? What are your principal products/services? What are … more

Top Ten Most Important Things Your Nonprofit Can Do To Defeat a Bad Ballot Measure or Proposition

Here are 10 things your nonprofit can do to help defeat a bad ballot measure or proposition. (Please note disclaimer at the end of this.) 1. Email early and often. Email your board members, contributors, and other supporters regularly to encourage them to actively oppose the proposition by adding their names to the website campaign, contribute to the campaign, communicate with their friends and neighbors, and write letters to the editors of their local daily … more

To Capture The Imagination: Sea Studios and the Visual Art of Biology

Sea Studios is a company of colorful distinctions. It is one of only a handful of video production companies nationwide that specialize in natural history. It is a visual arts organization that took twenty years to form. Even more unusual, though, it is the only video company in which all the artists are trained biologists. This mix of art, biology and video has led to some surprising exhibits for aquariums and museums, as well as … more