A Sea of Little Fires

In the Steve Goodman documentary, included in the DVD “Steve Goodman Live From Austin City Limits… And More,” Kris Kristofferson refers to a poem by a South American poet to explain what Steve was like [see 29:40 on YouTube]. The poem talks about a man who scales a high mountain and looks down upon all the people on earth and sees them each like a spark of flame. “Some of the flames simply burn, others … more

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MDeLapa’s List MDeLapa’s List is a Google Group I use to share articles about (mostly) climate change science, economics, public policy, and politics, but also related and unrelated articles I find interesting or others find interesting and forward to me. If you would like to be added to the list, please click this link. You can unsubscribe at any time. https://groups.google.com/a/googlegroups.com/d/msg/mdelapa/topic-id/message-id Margie’s List Margie’s List is a Google Group that LandWatch uses to share news related … more

California Climate and Housing Bills 2019

Some bills that PCL reported failed last year (https://www.pcl.org/2020/10/pcl-insider-october-2020/) that might be cannibalized or resurrected: SB 1385 (Oppose unless Amended) and AB 3107 (Support if Amended): Residential allowed as a use on underutilized commercial lands – Failed-PCL strongly supported the intent of these bills and worked to ensure that they would apply to inclusionary, location-efficient housing. They never got there, but similar legislation is likely to return next year. SB 1120 (Oppose Unless Amended): ministerial approval of second units & … more

Fiore (Rocky) Salvatore DeLapa Obituary & Letter

Obituary of Fiore (Rocky) Salvatore DeLapa February 18, 1915 – May 27, 2004 Fiore (Rocky) Salvatore DeLapa died May 27, 2004 at his home in Santa Barbara, California of natural causes associated with 89 years of exuberant and joyful living. DeLapa was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on February 18, 1915 to Dominic DeLapa, a chauffeur, and Rose Cozzella DeLapa, a homemaker. The eldest son in a family of twelve, Rocky assumed significant financial responsibilities for … more


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Summer party with Becky, Charles DeLapa, and great friends Mark Shelley, Greg Serrurier, Bob Ceremsak, Kathy Ceremsak, plus Jesse Cool, Brandi Carlile, and Kygo at TomKat Ranch.

What’s Different – The Return to California

Pretty much everything. On the plus side, Clean air Biking everywhere Sand volleyball on demand Cooler, drier temperatures Order A language I generally understand Great Chinese food Being the same time zone as my California friends My phone And Internet that works But of course there are many things I miss, Ubiquitous art and architecture, and living in history Urban chaos Testaccio market and piazza Walking everywhere, in particular along the Tiber Italian food The music … more


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Last day at Testaccio Market, my favorite people and “boxes” – the fruit girls, the coffee guy, the sandwich place, the mozzarella and prosciutto box, the whole scene. I’m going to miss it.