Why I am unable to fulfill my pledge to Stanford

Exchange of letters with Stanford, in chronological order from top to bottom Sept. 7, 2023 Jon Denney, Vice President for DevelopmentStanford University, Office of Development Dear Mr. Denney, Thank you for your letter reminding me of the current balance on my pledge to Stanford. I write to explain why I am unable to fulfill my obligation. I face an ethical dilemma. Do I fulfill my financial promise to Stanford and allow my funds to be … more

Pigovian Taxes May Offer Economic Hope – NYTimes.com

Pigovian Taxes May Offer Economic Hope – NYTimes.com. This proposal mirrors the fee-bate concept in the Drive+ legislation that Gary K. Hart introduced in 1989/1991 (and that Ken Goldsholl and I initiated): “Yet, in principle, any change that makes the economic pie larger makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a bigger slice than before. The practical challenge is to slice the larger pie so that everyone comes out ahead. A first step toward a … more