Winners of the Annual Torneo de las Palmas Heladas

2022 – Ben Airola & Jim Airola2021 – Nick Manov & Jim Airola2020 – Cancelled2019 – Lev Priima & Ron Benavente2018 – Garret Wilson & Erica Chapa2017 – Kit Moore & Diane Strutner2016 – Matt Davis & Heather McGuire2015 – Garrett Wilson & Jung Yi2014 – Mauro Pasta & Tamara Lovere2013 – Winder Montano & Ilga Celmins2012 – Dillan Bennett & Bruce West2011 – Nick Manov & Hal Light2010 – Kent Kitchel & Ilga Celmins2009 … more

History of Beach Volleyball at Carmel Beach

Beginnings – 1940s & 1950s Beach volleyball enjoys a storied tradition in Carmel, dating back at least 70 years. According to long-time Carmel residents and two of the earliest Carmel Beach volleyball players, Niels Reimers (Carmel High School class of 1951) and Francis “Skip” Lloyd (Carmel High School class of 1952), Wilbur Wilkinson (1911?-1997) established the first beach court at the bottom of 13th Street at Cook’s Cove sometime between the summers of 1946 and … more

Volleyball Coaching Videos

Indoors Coaching Tips: Volleyball: Serves – Terry Liskevych Episode 1 Coaching Tips: Volleyball: RECEIVE / PASS – Terry Liskevych Episode 2 Hitting Tips – Terry Liskevych – The Art of Coaching Volleyball AVCA Video Tip of the Week: Passing Technique with Karch Kiraly Beach Volleyball Tips: How to pass on the beach. Beach Volleyball passing with Holly McPeak Beach Volleyball Attacking Tip – The Batter’s Box 3 TIPS to Improve your DEFENSE | Beach Volleyball … more

Tribute to Coach Tony Vigna

October 28, 2017 Dear Coach Vigna, In 1972 you changed a young man’s life forever. It was mine. I remember the first fall practice of the 1972-3 San Marcos junior varsity basketball team. It was brutal. I was out of shape, along with virtually all of my teammates, and for the first week we ran “the ramp” outside the gym. I’m not sure if I puked, but I sure remember it felt like I should … more

Volleyball Resources

Organizations California Beach Volleyball Association American Volleyball Coaches Association AVP United States Youth Volleyball League Boy Club Programs Mountain View Volleyball Club (Don Shaw) Pacific Rim Volleyball Academy (Roger and Christine Worsley) Bay to Bay Volleyball Club (Julie Keller) Summer Volleyball Camps Jon Lee’s Summer and Spring Break Beach Volleyball Camps at Santa Barbara’s East Beach (my personal favorite) Shoreline Beach Club Volleyball Camps at Santa Cruz Sinjin Smith Beach Volleyball Camps Jon Kosty’s Boys … more