Marketing, Communications, and Media

  • Mark Breier, Partner at In-Q-Tel; former Chief Marketing Officer, Plantronics; CEO, and Vice President of Marketing,
  • Steve Furney-Howe, Vice President and Country Manager, Japan; Vice President PSG Sales, Asia Pacific and Japan, NVIDIA Corporation; former Vice President, Sun Microsystems
  • Gary Marenzi, President, Worldwide Television at Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios; former President, International Television, Paramount Pictures
  • Jim Moroney, Publisher/CEO, Dallas Morning News
  • Mark Shelley, President, Sea Studios, Inc.; Executive Producer, Sea Studios Foundation; Senior Series Producer, National Geographic Television
  • Nikki Tanis, President, Tanis Communications; former Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications, Spansion
  • Bradley Zeve, Chairman and CEO, Milestone Communications

Finance and Operations

  • Wendell Birkhofer, Investment Manager, Dodge & Cox
  • Michael Dorsey, Manager Partner, Westly Group; former Managing Director, JP Morgan
  • Bruce Golden, General Partner, Europe, Accel Partners
  • Michael Levinthal, Venture Capitalist; former General Partner, Mayfield Fund
  • Rick Neely, Chief Financial Officer, Monolithic Power
  • Peter Neumeier, CFA, President, Neumeier Investment Counsel
  • Bob Williams, Venture Capitalist; former Partner, Bay Partners

Government, Law and Public Policy

  • Warner Chabot, former Executive Director, California League of Conservation Voters; former Vice President for Regional Operations, The Ocean Conservancy
  • Anita Perez Ferguson, National Board of Directors, Planned Parenthood Federation of America; former Chair, InterAmerican Foundation and President, National Women’s Political Caucus
  • Hon. Gary K. Hart, former State Senator and Secretary of Education, State of California
  • Hon. Fred Keeley, former Member and Speaker Pro Tem, California State Assembly
  • Hon. Robert Liberty, Metro Councilor and Attorney; former Senior Counsel, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Executive Director 1000 Friends of Oregon
  • Mary Kyle McCurdy, Senior Staff Attorney, 1000 Friends of Oregon
  • Hon. Gary A. Patton, Of Counsel at Wittwer & Parkin; former Executive Director, California Planning and Conservation League and Supervisor, Santa Cruz County

Science and Technology

  • Dr. Robin Burnett, Owner, Puddle Wonderful, Inc.; Founder and former Director of Exhibits, Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Bob Epstein, Co-founder, Sybase, GetActive Software, and Environmental Entrepreneurs
  • Will Headapohl, Consultant; former CIO, Gateway Computers; former President and Chief Operating Officer,
  • Dr. Rebecca Shaw, Director of Science, The Nature Conservancy of California
  • Dr. Steven Webster, Founder and former Director of Education, Monterey Bay Aquarium