Recent Projects

California Ocean Science Trust: Executive assignment as interim executive director. Strategic planning.

New Leaf Paper: Executive assignment as interim, part-time chief operating officer. Reorganization and recruiting of new CEO.

Cleantech Group: Executive assignment as interim vice president of marketing. Oversight of marketing programs.

Mal Warwick Associates: CEO and executive coaching. Business strategy. Facilitation of strategic planning retreat for executive team.

Convio, Inc.: Partner strategy and implementation.

GetActive Software: Merger/acquisition positioning, strategy, and negotiations. Acquired by Convio.

DonorDigital: Operating plan, strategic planning. Facilitation of strategic planning retreat for executive team. Acquired by Mal Warwick Associates.

MLPA Initiative: Project management and strategy. Oversight of Baseline Science-Management Project.

The Nature Conservancy Marine Initiative: CleanCatch sustainable fisheries development as part of a trawler buy-back plan.

LIFE: A Journey Through Time: Fundraising, business development, promotion, and strategic relationships.