A new chemical reaction

Mix one part Prosecco Valdobbiadene, a beautiful light, dry, effervescent Prosecco, with one part pepato (pecorino cheese with peppercorns); swish softly; and wait patiently but not long at all, the Prosecco molecules will meet those of the pepato in a quite remarkable holy explosion of flavor. Really, why would one ever both with brie and chardonnay? (For future reference, I am reminded to click here for a delicious brand of Presecco. And we’ve been buying the pepato at … more

I Cappuccini


I Cappuccini

A perfect day

Hung out in the morning and worked. At 2 pm Charlie and I walked along the Tiber and through the Jewish Ghetto to the Pantheon, about 40 minutes away, with a stop for a prosciutto sandwich. We hung out at the Pantheon for a bit, found a great gelateria where Charlie enjoyed – really enjoyed – a dark chocolate gelato. We then walked back home with a lovely detour through Campo di Fiori and a … more

A post I would really, really prefer not to write

But I will because I’m committed to document our entire adventure, good and bad. And today was bad, very very bad. But not as bad as it might have been. Charlie and I got in a car accident. Thankfully no one – not us, nor anyone else – was hurt, but our car was totaled. Here’s what happened. We were driving north west on the Malecon about 1:30 pm, looking for an Oxxo store where … more

CONTEST: Name That Rash

For drinks and dinner, name that rash and/or bug bites, with dessert added for a quick cure. Hints include: Came on last night Only on my back, mostly on my right side Itches and burns Eager to get rid of it The suggestion of teenage acne as a cause and calamine lotion as a cure excluded from the contest. [Digger, you are specifically encouraged to enter.]


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mddelapa: Last week I started re-reading Steinbeck and Rickett’s Log to the Sea of Cortez, so this MBA post caught my eye. What a dream Baja must have been in 1940. montereybayaquarium: #ThrowbackThursday: Kelp Forest, Rocky Shore, Open Sea. Wonder why our exhibits are arranged by habitat? Local marine biologist Ed Ricketts, the inspiration for “Doc” in Steinbeck’s “Cannery Row,” championed the study of intertidal “zones,” an idea that influenced the design and layout of the … more

More on the technological nuances of Tumblr

I wrote to Kimberli: For whatever reason, a number of people told me they never saw the Shit Ball post. I suspect it’s because they’re going to this URL: http://travelswithcharles.tumblr.com/ Rather than this one: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/travelswithcharles In the first URL, it appears all private posts are “private,” that is, hidden. In the second URL, they show up. Kimberli wrote to me: The first link is to your open follow blog and the second link is to … more