With further insight into the poor company I keep

Email exchange with Fever. His letters at the bottom responding to mine at the top, Dali being short for The DaliLapa, which he coined. Not much to say other than we express our love differently then most men.



How are you? Not that I care, but it seemed a polite way to begin a letter that asks a favor.

So how nasty are SB beaches right now? Is it possible to get in the water without dying of toxic oil shock? Are there dead rotting birds everywhere? Is is possible to distinguish their putrid smell from the odors you generate when attempting to still play a sport you should have given up 20 years ago? Should my friend cancel his July trip to East Beach?

Since you asked, Rome is spectacular — the food, wine, women, art, history, and food and wine. If you click on the link below you’ll likely kill yourself with jealousy, which maybe isn’t such a bad thing.

Maybe I already told you, but when we return from Italy we’ll be moving back, in part, to the Monterey Peninsula. Charlie will attend Carmel High in the fall. He’ll start 9th grade with a bunch of close friends from Carmel beach — Mark Shelley’s daughter Lucy and Jim Airola’s son Ben among them. Thankfully, he won’t be very far from his other buddies in Palo Alto. Gods and backs willing, we’ll move into our house in Carmel Valley mid-July. We’ll also keep our rental house in Palo Alto for our work — Becky’s job with EDF and my clients in the Bay Area — and cultural events (i.e., Stanford sports).

In between leaving Rome and moving to Carmel we’ll be traveling to Baja with the Carmel vb group (July 2-10) and also returning to Cinque Terre, Italy for my buddy Bruno’s 60th. At some point, I will attempt to re-enter the workforce but what meager skills and tolerance for management bullshit I once had I’ve completely lost. You best start considering me part of your extended family and sending money accordingly.

Speaking of, how’s Ethan? Alex? Susie? Life?




What a coincidence, I was just thinking about you. Not really, but seemed like an equally disingenuous pleasantry to exchange with an unpleasant poser masquerading as in intellectual hipster. How much do I have to spend on spam filters to block your dribble?! Whatever the amount, it is well worth it and more than you’ve made this year. Sounds like you’re embracing that whole European lifestyle… living off the subsidized teat of the working class. I’ll send your stipend in drachma or Vietnamese dong (isn’t your head shot on that currency?).

East Beach remains pristine and playable. At least for those of us with physical talents that extend beyond gluttonous consumption of food and wine. And our women still shave (everywhere!). The ocean is fine, thank you. If it weren’t for the news, we wouldn’t even know there was a spill. Whales, dolphins, and coeds frolicking. Swimmable and drinkable. Really, try some, try some more. I’d send you a sample, but we’re also in a 100-year drought and can’t spare the water to wash off our tarred pelicans. You’ll finally have an alibi for looking and smelling like the homeless gypsy you are when you return to our shower-less state.

As much as hate to admit it, yes I am envious of your carefree adventures. Lucky you. However, it makes me want to kill you, not myself. Are you in need of an heir, by any chance? What a life. What a way to live life. Good for you (hell for Charlie). At least your wife is happy 5K miles away. You’ve done it right, Dali. No chance you’ll reach the end with any regrets (or friends).

Just attended Alex’s college graduation and she’s moved home for the summer before moving to New York in the Fall. Ethan graduates in a couple of weeks and then heads to University of Washington in the Fall. I’m taking them (and Alex’s boyfriend) to Vietnam and Thailand for two weeks in late June to celebrate. My son has to learn about prostitution at some point and who better to show him the ropes, right? With her highly sought after Liberal Arts degree, Alex may need to learn about prostitution as well.

Susie and I are still doing well (don’t ask me how she does it) and exploring the idea of living together somewhere sometime. I’m seriously considering selling my house and starting fresh with something smaller and easier to maintain once the kids take off; perhaps we’ll buy a place together. Lot’s to think about and work out first. We had a great time backpacking in Guatemala last Fall and exploring San Juan islands last month. I’m still working like a dog and traveling 100K+ miles per year. Hoping to develop a more civilized local opportunity one of these days.

Glad to hear you guys are headed back to Monterey/Carmel. It’s a special place to live and grow up. I won’t be going there anymore, but it was nice. Do you have a guesthouse?

OK, unlike you, I have to earn a living. Nice hearing from you, now leave me alone and extend my condolences to Charlie.

Le Fever


To Fever: P.S. Can I publish our email exchange on my blog? I think it’s really whatever — indicative of long, sick relationship that has persisted despite my best efforts to forget it. But it makes me smile to know some relationships, like Rome, never change.


Whatever. Anyone who can stomach your mind numbing, self-aggrandizing blog deserves what they get. XOXO – Fever