Fun Facts about St. Stephen’s

[From the most recent school newsletter]

While we are a school that continually searches for ways to inspire and challenge students to develop in new ways, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some fun facts about St Stephen’s as we near semester break.

  • Our students are really diverse! Did you know that of the 274 day and boarding students that St Stephen’s currently enrolls, there are thirty-nine nationalities represented in the student body. Students from nearly every continent are represented, including Japan, China, India, Australia, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, New Guinea and dozens of other countries. [90 Italians, 60 Americans, 125 from everywhere else – pretty cool – MD]
  • The faculty is pretty talented! From authors and playwrights to musicians and published scientists, our faculty includes distinguished scholars in many fields. 83% have an advanced degree, and 20% have earned a Ph.D. Our professional development program run by Duncan Pringle, Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning, allows teachers to keep up with educational trends throughout the year. The knowledge they gain as they continue to develop, is transmitted to the classroom.
  • We have great academic stats! We have the oldest International Baccalaureate program in Italy and just celebrated 40 years of the IB Program at St Stephen’s. Our graduates have a 99 % pass rate on IB exams, and last May, three of our students received a perfect score of 45 points.