When it rains, people pour

Yes, it’s pouring today, blustery, stormy. And when it rains …

Travis Breier writes. He’s coming into Rome tomorrow, Thursday, seeking advice and an empty couch. No problem, except …

A few days ago, Barbara Moroney wrote. Her daughter Jenny is coming into Rome on Friday, seeking advice and an empty couch. Delighted to meet and host her. But she has first dibs on the couch. Actually she has first dibs on Charlie’s bed, and Charlie has first dibs on the couch. That puts Travis on the floor if he stays Friday night.

Ken, Matthew, and Nancy Goldsholl arrived last night and are here through Saturday. Charlie and I have dinner with them tonight.

But wait, there’s more.

George Politis arrives Saturday morning, 4 am, from Nigeria where he’s been sedating cleft-lipped children for a week as part of Operation Smile. We’ll be sharing Rome with him for four days.

Sunday afternoon, Wendell Birkhofer arrives from California. He’s here for two weeks.

Next Thursday, Becky arrives, and she, Wendell, Charlie and I drive north to Venice and the Dolomites for possible skiing.

As we leave, Mark and Lucy Shelley arrive and take shelter in our apartment. They’re here for four days before they move out and we return.

But when we return, Debra and Blue West and Jill and Ben Airola arrive. I think Jill and/or Ben are staying with us.

Perhaps the rain will stop. I hope not the people.