From the anti-nuclear arms exhibition senzatomica at MACRO in Testaccio, which I happened upon this evening. What was remarkable, and not particularly well captured in my video, is the credible sound and vibration – the actual sound of an atom bomb exploding with video reminiscent of the low frame rate scenes in Jacob’s Ladder, a visual metaphor for the chaos of the explosion and the human impact. It runs every 15 minutes, and when it does everyone in the exhibition stops to watch the monitors and pause.

From the exhibition website, translated from Italian by my friend Google:


Be afraid of the atomic bomb thing seems outdated, although the world today are guarded nuclear warheads more effective and a sufficient number to be able to erase all life in a few moments. Their conservative estimate reaches over 16 thousand, and they continue to be manufactured. They are also located on our national territory, and could be triggered by an automatic procedure out of hand, for a political assessment irresponsible, following a terrorist attack. With irreparable consequences for life on the planet.

But it is not only deliberately ignored this reality and terrifying, this mortgage that compromises the survival of the human race, that shows Senzatomica want to draw attention. Its main objective is to convey the message that the real enemy is not nuclear weapons as such, nor the states that the build and own them, but the way of thinking that comes to justify the “annihilation” of other beings Human considering it acceptable.

On this change of scale, and perspective, the exhibition focuses Senzatomica, culmination of an awareness campaign to transfer the problem and the solution from the palaces of politics and power to our rooms, to our real relationships, internally. There where we can act, reflect on our personal and pulse bombs to destroy the other, the other and begin to transform our thinking.

A message that is concrete indication of what to do to make the world of tomorrow a real security that they is based more on fear or threat, but on the ability to build a culture of mutual trust from individual change. After all, what other force than that of personal transformation has the power to change the world?

The exhibition aims to provide an opportunity for all of us to express the will to ban these inhumane weapons that threaten our fundamental right to exist. Coming to create a movement of opinion for the development and adoption of an international treaty on nuclear weapons, towards the ultimate goal of eliminating all and definitively.