Photographers of the Monterey Peninsula

I had occasion to pull together a list of Monterey photographer for Fiona Stewart, who teaches photography at St. Stephen’s. So as not to lose the list, I’m posting it here:

The Monterey Peninsula has an incredible history of photography, including some of America’s pioneering B&W landscape work. Here is some background on famous Monterey/Carmel-based photographers and photographs:

During our 25 years on the Peninsula — 10 years living there and working in nature cinematography, 15 more visiting almost weekly — we were fortunate to meet and socialize with a quite a few contemporary photographers, among them:

  • Frans Lanting – world renowned nature photographer, a long-time friend and client
  • Ruth Mayerson Gilbertno longer with us but was a very close friend
  • Ian Martin – makes a living by wedding photojournalism but is also a brilliant photojournalist. He was mentored closely by Ruth.
  • Darcie Fohrman – exhibit design, photography collector, and friend of Ruth
  • Martha Casanave – old friend from Monterey, and an old friend/student of Ruth’s
  • Ryuijie – he printed a lot of Ruth’s work, but he’s also a spectacular photographer
  • Chuck Davis – old friend from Sea Studios, IMAX cinematograher
  • Scott Campbell – does some incredible underwater photography while holding his breath.
  • Robin Robinson – also does underwater photography
  • Tracy Valleau – he was our neighbor
  • Bob Talbot – world renowned whale and marine mammal photographer