Routine (from a note to Wendell)

Charlie and I have settled into a comfortable routine. We wake at 7 am. I make breakfast, generally a fresh Italian bread with cream cheese and jam, an apple and banana, maybe some milk or yogurt. He showers, I shower. We leave 8:05 am and walk ~ 15 minutes to St. Stephen’s School. He’s in classes and I’m either at home studying Italian, blogging, reading, and working, or hiking Roman streets. He walks home around 5 pm, and sometime around 7 pm we eat. I’m cooking quite a bit — the stores all have great meats, produce, beautifully prepared pastas and other foods. It’s all pretty relaxed. Very different from Palo Alto. And from La Paz, too. Not that La Paz wasn’t relaxed but the heat made it difficult to relax. I always felt like I was sweating or about to sweat. Here, it’s the rain, but the rain seems easier for some reason.