Yesterday and today

I spent yesterday on a long walk to Roma Termini train station where I found Euronics, a discount electronic company. I bought a cell phone for 19€, easy, then went up the the 2nd floor TIM office to buy a SIM card and have the phone activated, not so easy. An hour of waiting behind a throng of Japenese tourists and several angry Italians and 29€ later I had my phone and two months of service.

Returning to our apartment, it started to drizzle and then to really rain, without an umbrella and raincoat, something I was unprepared for. Walking quickly but still a solid 45 minutes, I returned down jacket and tennis shoes soaked.

Perhaps not so surprising, the cold I had yesterday worsened and I spent most of today sleeping and studying Italian on Duolingo. Around 3 pm I went out for un panino and cappuccino. Home now with Charlie, the sky clearing up and me hoping tomorrow is a brighter day.