What we did during 6 weeks at home (and why I didn’t blog)

  • Dec. 4 – Returned to Palo Alto from Baja
  • Dec. 7 – Drove to Rancho Grande for Elizabeth Shelley’s 50th B-Day
  • Dec. 12 – Attended Delavane Turner’s Doctoral defense at Stanford
  • Dec. 13 – Ran Torneo de las Palmas Heladas tournament in Carmel
  • Dec. 18 – Attended Tom Steyer’s Liquid Lunch in SF
  • Dec. 21 – Celebrated Becky’s birthday with her family in Palo Alto and Stanford
  • Dec. 24 – Drove to Half Moon Bay to buy 13 Dungeness Crabs for Christmas eve dinner
  • Dec. 24 – Ate the crabs with lots of Shaws in San Francisco
  • Dec. 25 – Celebrated Christmas with those same Shaws and others in San Francisco, and walked throughout Bernal Heights with Becky
  • Dec. 27 – Cooked dinner for Sandy Andelman at our Palo Alto House
  • Dec. 28 – Cooked dinner for Urs and Geeske at our Palo Alto house 
  • Dec. 29 – Enjoyed dinner with Dede and Gordy at Fandango in Pacific Grove
  • Dec. 30 – Cooked dinner with Chuck, Susie, Nancy B-Net, Mark, Greg, Scott and Sidney at Chuck & Susie’s house in Carmel Valley
  • Dec. 31 – Attended Bruce & Debra’s CrabFest with Wests, Crabbes, Airolas, 
  • Jan. 1 – Shared dinner with Mark, Elizabeth and Lucy at Corkscrew Restaurant in Carmel Valley
  • Jan. 3 – Went to the Hobbit #3 with Don and Darcie at Del Monte Theater in Monterey and had dinner afterwards
  • Jan. 4 – Attended a great Stanford v University of Washington basketball game at Stanford with Wendell
  • Jan. 6 – Cooked dinner with Greg and Nancy at their new house in La Honda
  • Jan. 7 – Cooked dinner for Matt, Sherry, John, Jan at our house in Palo Alto
  • Jan. 10 – Attended the Stevenson School open house in Pebble Beach and returned to Palo Alto that same day so Charlie could attend Kevin Kerr’s birthday party
  • Jan. 12 – Drove to Carmel so Charlie could attend the Carmel High open house, returned that night to Palo Alto
  • Jan. 14 – Charlie shadowed a student at Woodside Priory
  • Jan. 14 – Cooked an Italian dinner for Steve, Leslie, Mark Shelley, Alberto and Sonja
  • Jan. 15 – Charlie shadowed a student at St. Francis High School
  • Jan. 16 – Shared dinner with Wendell and Celeste at the Left Bank in Menlo Park
  • Jan. 17 – Drove to Carmel for Mike Worcester’s 50th birthday party, spent the night at Bradley’s, and played volleyball early the next morning at Carmel Beach
  • Jan. 18 – packed
  • Jan. 19 – flew to Rome

Had lunches with Todd Logan, Dayne Wilcox, Jorgen Ericsson, Leslie Furney-Howe, Andrea Baldi, Mike Dorsey, Andy Drexler, and probably some other friends.

Plus I consulted with FotoNotes, Dan Doyle and the Donordigital team, and Frans Lanting and Chris Eckstrom.

And that’s why I haven’t blogged more.