Re-entry: Making Sense of it (if it at all)

Or you might call it: those things missing, and those maddening.

For Palo Alto, like Baja, has both. As I reflect – these being notes for further reflection:

  1. Friends: many more and more closer here
  2. Pace of life: far too fast here, and a bit too slow there
  3. Wealth and consumerism: far, far, far too much here, and just about right there
  4. Intellectual stimulation: here, hands down. Where else can I go to a dinner party and have a long conversation with a world fertility expert about the science and ethics of human embryo selection for single-cell disorders
  5. Volleyball: again, here hands down. 
  6. Weather: here because September and October in Baja are impossibly hot
  7. Driving and roads: here, here
  8. Personal challenges: different in each place, but more different, more exciting, more personal growth there
  9. Internet connection: no comparison, here
  10. Cultural curiosities and learning: there, of course