Road trip with Charlie to Mogote, a sand spit in La Paz Bay where sinking into the ocean we found the grossly placed and horribly developed Resort at Paraiso del Mar. Their website and this one present some of the most incredible marketing bullshit I’ve ever read and seen. To get to the development we drove ~ 30 minutes north of La Paz and another 30 minutes on an unmarked washboard dirt road. We actually weren’t able to get to the development because the gate ~ 5 miles outside of it was locked and the guard station abandoned. 

El Mogote Beach and the surrounding dunes and desert are spectacular, but why anyone thought it made sense to build 5 high rise condos out in the middle of frickin nowhere is a mystery. Hands down, this is the most absurd development I’ve ever (almost) seen.

(Some good photos here of the actual development, including the empty buildings. And here’s good story about the failed development and why it’s unlikely to ever be completed.)