Jetski Saturday

After a morning at Colonia Laguna Azul helping poor Spanish kids learn English, Charlie and I took off in the later afternoon for Playa Tecolote. At one of the beach stands we rented a jetski – 500 pesos (~$40) for 30 minutes of adrenalin. Charlie drove most of the time, I held on for life. A first time on jetskis for both of us.

Thankfully the seas were calm and empty. After, we rendezvoused Laura Rodriguez and her dog, and while they swam we snorkeled around the rocky point, seeing puffer fish that blended into the color of the sandy bottom, maroon-colored urchins with long, nasty spines, colonies of anemones, gangs of metallic red crabs, and the usual unusual assortment of tropical aquarium fish.

On the drive back we stopped at Costa Baja’s Azul Marino restaurant where at Laura’s recommendation we snacked excessively on their amazing dorado tartare as well as guacamole and a Hawaiian pizza with the interesting addition of heart of palm (disguised as bay scallops, I thought). A sure return when Becky’s in town.

Watching the 4th game of the World Series, with the San Francisco Giants behind the Kansas City Royals 2-4.