Name that rash…

Caramba Miguel, naming a rash just from your posted pics may be more difficult than trying to name/guess one of the zebras that the good Dr. House never fails to diagnose on TV.
First of all, can we assume that you were otherwise in good health with no fever, headaches, etc?
My first guess in the absence of more hints: allergic rash from medicine (Taking any new meds? Chugging too much Pepto Bismol?), Possible food allergy? Treatment for either of course is stop taking or eating whatever is causing the rash.

Doesn’t look like Herpes Zoster Virus, but can you answer “no” to the following”
1. Are any of the lesions on your back fluid-filled (clear)? If so, do some appear in clusters? (It doesn’t look like it in the pics.)
2. You said they are mostly on the right side of your back. Are they exclusively on the right side? Do any cross the mid-line?
3. Did you have any pain or burning in the area before the appearance of the rash?

Let me know what Dr. House says. In the meantime I’m sticking with my first guess: Allergic.


1. There were some that looked like they had fluid, but were very very small.

2. Mostly on the right side, but, yes, crossing the mid-line.

3. I don’t recall

But here’s the good news: it’s largely disappeared. My two wild-ass guesses: 

  • Fleas
  • Reaction to magnesium in Pepto Bismol

I’ve been checking my bed every night for bed bugs or whatever. No luck (i.e., no bad luck in finding some).

So rash cured, Montezuma’s gone, and health returned. Hope to get some VB in this weekend.

Much thanks!