Sunday afternoon pondering

Why are ex-pat Americans in La Paz so vulgar, loud-mouthed and lame-brained when watching NLF football games? Ok, maybe not all ex-pat Americans in all of La Paz, but it’s been my consistent experience that when I go to TailHunter on Sundays to watch games that there’s a preponderance of semi-drunk, profanity-spouting, well tattooed, sleeveless shirted guys behaving like morons while their generally quiet, silicon enhanced, bleached blonde companions are texting who knows who and the Mexican clientèle sit quietly and respectfully. Interestingly, the Saturday American crowd that watches college games, while enthusiastic, is much more polite and expletive-contained.

Because my observation is supported by an exceedingly small sample and because TailHunter has cheap, cold beers and is the best sports bar in La Paz, so far as I know, I will return and report further.