No confundas la cómoda to tu hermana…

Espero que sigan bien ya que pasó la tormenta Odile. Y son muy buenas las fotos que sacaste. Me parece muy bonita y cómoda tu casa, Miguel…pero prefiero una habitación en La Miserable. Acomódame a las chicas allí por favor ja ja. Si entiendes este post, has progresado mucho con tu español. Si no entiendes… just don’t ask for a translation at La Miserable.


MD Translation (with a little help from Google Translate; check me, Digs)

Don’t confuse the dress with your sister (?)

I hope they stay well and that the storm Odile passed. And the photos you take (?) are very good. It seems your house is attractive and comfortable home, Miguel … but I prefer a room in La Miserable . Please accommodate the girls there, ha ha. If you understand this post, you’ve made ​​great progress with your Spanish. If you do not understand …