Jonrón!! (Home run)

We hit one today. Or should I say our new friend Andrea hit one for us. Charlie was admitted as a temporary (through the end of November), part-time student at Colegio Anáhuac de La Paz, a private Catholic school in the downtown La Paz. He’ll be attending math, science, art (dancing, music, or studio), and PE from 11:40 am-2:20 pm daily.

I’ve been trying for the past two months to find a school where he could audit classes and interact with kids his own age. Yesterday, Andrea, a German-born Mexican who speaks fluent Spanish and English (and probably a couple other languages I don’t know) made it her mission to find a school for Charlie. She was highly motivated after calling a public school and reaching a very officious gentleman who said he was too busy to talk with her, then proceeded to talk at her, explaining in unpleasantly bureaucratic terms that her request to meet would require an official letter of request. Exasperated, she called a friend who teaches art at Colegio Anáhuac and arranged for Charlie to interview with Mother Superior this morning.

Realizing Charlie had no formal clothes, he and I went shopping yesterday at Sears – yes, it still exists – in downtown La Paz. While we overpaid tremendously for a checkered shirt and navy blue pants, his attire, Spanish, and thoughtful demeanor, along with Andrea’s persuasive enthusiasm, won Mother Superior over, and she offered Charlie a full-time position at the school. After an hour of diplomatic negotiations, we settled on part-time. When Andrea inquired about the cost, Mother Superior waved her hands, declined payment, and suggested I make a donation of a wireless microphone or some such thing (can you imagine a school in the U.S. doing that?). All that remains is a trip to the uniform store to buy Charlie standard-issue khakis and white shirt. They agreed to let his tennis shoes slide.

He’s excited and I’m excited. And we’re both very grateful to our friend Andrea.

Photos to follow.