What happened to the sand volleyball court on the Malecón?

When we visited La Paz in July, there was a small but well used sand volleyball court in the middle of the Malecón. Both days we were here I saw people playing, starting around 4 pm. There seemed to be permanent posts, with players bringing their own nets and lines. When I spoke with the some of the guys, they said there were regular games. Of course, I was looking forward to introducing the locals to the frustrations of competing against an older, slower, less capable but wiser player. (I realize, of course, that while there is universal agreement about “older, slower, and less capable,” there may be debate about “wiser.”)

You can then imagine my consternation in learning that court – the posts and players – has disappeared. While, yes, it is hot in the middle of the day, the weather is lovely for volleyball in the mornings and late afternoon.

So I began my quest: discover what happened to the courts and players.

Over the past 10 days I have asked everyone I met if they knew anything about the courts. But it was only yesterday that I finally connected with the right people:

  • Brian Harker, owner of Harker Board Company, is a displaced Alaskan via Texas, who prior to started Harker ran tug boats and worked in oil fields.
  • Sergio García, a friend of Brian’s and the Baja state champion in stand-up paddle boarding, is in charge of Deporte La Paz, the city’s sports agency.

Brian called Sergio, who emailed me. Sergio has made it his mission to discover the whereabouts of the courts and players. Stay tuned for updates.