4, maybe 5 shower day

That’s how I’m measuring heat, by the number of showers I take a day. Today it was was (so far):

  1. In the morning, your run-of-the-water ordinary shower
  2. Around noon, when I returned from Se Hable La Paz after my 11 am Spanish lesson, having biked there, to meet a realtor (to look at another possible rental property), to get cash (to pay for my Spanish lessons), and to Got Baja?, my favorite coffee shop for a smoothie. It was pushing a little past 90 degrees F.
  3. Around 3:00 pm when I returned from lunch with Laura Rodriquez, the EDF Mexico director, having biked to her office and back. (Note to self: don’t ever bike in the middle of the day if you have a professional appointment. It’s hard to impress when your face is dripping wet and your shirt drenched with sweat.)
  4. Around 6:30 pm when Charlie and I returned from biking to Arumburu for groceries. It was still above 90 degrees F, and even though the bike is short – maybe a mile each way – I was drenched.

Here’s a walk-no-run sweat shot for the record.