La Paz, Baja California Sur (B.C.S.) Adventure Notes

Adventure List

  •  Restaurants (personal experience)
    • Estancia Uruguaya Parrilla Bar for meat in various forms. We enjoyed a tremendous cut of Brazilian-style beef, empanadas, an un-chicken fajitas salad, and a beautiful Spanish wine. Not cheap, but delicious. (Simon)
    • McFishers for fish tacos and grilled seafood (Laura and Gilly)
    • Doce Cuarenta / GotBaja? coffee shop (down the street from Aramburu Market)
    • Tres Virgenes for Mexican food and outside garden (Laura, Simon & Gilly)
    • Il Rustico for the best Italian food, including pizza, in town (Laura and Scott).
    • Azul Marino for their amazing pescado tartare (Laura and Scott)
    • Neem (also owned by same chef as Azul Marino, Cristina, good world gourmet, recommend by Laura)
    • TailHunter for all things sports. You can also feel good eating there because of their great support for Pack for a Purpose. Make sure to thank Jillene.
  •  Restaurants (recommended by others)
    • Rancho Viejo (Meredith)
    • Kochi Kochi BBQ and Buffalo (two restaurants owned by same great Chef Carlos! He likes to fuse Japanese and meat!) – (Laura)
    • Restaurante Los Magueyes for the best Mexican in La Paz (Simon)
    • Maria California for a great Mexican breakfast (Simon)
    • TrocaderO for French-Mexican (Simon)
    • Mariscos Los Laureles for mixto ceviche with clam juice (Simon)
    • Raspodos, especially Hawaiiano, Choco Platano and Pina Colada, at corner of Cinco de Mayo and G Prieto (Simon)
    • Fish restaurant at corner of Bravo and G. Farias (owned by Pichilingue cooperative)
    • La Costa (Al)
    • Bismarksito (Al)
    • Farmers Market every Tuesday and Saturday in front of Doce Cuarenta.