Top 10 Spain Experiences

In the summer 2010, my family and I spent a month in Spain. After our first week in Barcelona we rented a car and traveled throughout the country, with stops in Costa Brava, Zaragoza, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Salamanca, Segovia, Toledo, Madrid, Granada, Tarifa, and Ronda (in that order). We also took a one-day excursion from Tarifa to Tangier, Morocco. Here’s a list of our top 10 experiences from the trip:

  1. In the Toledo bullring with 3000+ screaming Spaniards watching the Spanish soccer team beat Germany on a giant-screen TV, then in a small bar in Tarifa watching Spain win the World Cup title over the Dutch.
  2. Tapas everywhere, but in particular in Zaragoza.
  3. In Barcelona, Gaudi’s buildings, the Picasso Museum, and beach volleyball with locals.
  4. Mouth-watering cochinillo at Restaurant Jose Maria in Segovia.
  5. Anish Kapoor’s sculptures at the Guggenheim in Bilbao.
  6. Picasso’s Guernica in Madrid.
  7. In Granada savoring a verdejo wine from Rueda and listening to Steven Nightingale read sonnets while gazing at the Alhambra under lights.
  8. Walking the running of the bulls route (wihout the bulls) in Pamplona.
  9. Tarifa’s gale-force winds and its spectacular kite-surfing beach.
  10. Hiking the gorge at Ronda.
  11. Plus great meals at these restaurants:
    • Montiel (Barcelona)
    • Restaurante La Esenzia (Zaragoza)
    • Rekalde Taberna (San Sebastian) – [thanks to Jeff Smallwood who worked there]
    • Tedone (San Sebastian)
    • Restaurant Jose Maria (Segovia)
    • El Trebol (Toledo)
    • El Aji (Granada)
    • Bulevar Cafe (Granada)
    • Inti Restaurant (Tarifa)