Winners of the Annual Torneo de las Palmas Heladas

2019 – Lev Priima & Ron Benavente2018 – Garret Wilson & Erica Chapa2017 – Kit Moore & Diane Strutner2016 – Matt Davis & Heather McGuire2015 – Garrett Wilson & Jung Yi2014 – Mauro Pasta & Tamara Lovere2013 – Winder Montano & Ilga Celmins2012 – Dillan Bennett & Bruce West2011 – Nick Manov & Hal Light2010 – Kent Kitchel & Ilga Celmins2009 – Troy Simons & Jackie Signor2008 – Nick Manov & Mike Airola2007 – Troy … more

History of Beach Volleyball at Carmel Beach

Beginnings – 1940s & 1950s Beach volleyball enjoys a storied tradition in Carmel, dating back at least 70 years. According to long-time Carmel residents and two of the earliest Carmel Beach volleyball players, Niels Reimers (Carmel High School class of 1951) and Francis “Skip” Lloyd (Carmel High School class of 1952), Wilbur Wilkinson (1911?-1997) established the first beach court at the bottom of 13th Street at Cook’s Cove sometime between the summers of 1946 and … more

My Pledge Regarding Facebook, Lies, And Free Speech

I welcome your feedback on my Facebook pledge (and of course recognize the irony of posting it on Facebook for feedback). But you can see where I’m headed, and you can expect to see far fewer posts from me in the future. (Thank you to my 1st Amendment friends who gave me early feedback — you know who you are.) My Pledge Regarding Facebook, Lies, And Free Speech: What I Expect / What I Will … more

Senior Care Facilities in Monterey County

Carmel Valley Pacific Grove (Digger’s mom was at Canterbury Woods – loved it) Monterey Ratings

Sea Studios’ Portfolio

Videos The Worlds Below (1988) Wild California (1989) A World Alive (1990) Aunt Merriwether’s Adventures in the Backyard – Part 1 & Part 2 (1992) Jellies and other Drifters (excerpts) (1993) Television Programs and Series Desperately Seeking Sanctuary (1994) Sea Nasties (1996) The Shape of Life (2002) Strange Days on Planet Earth (2005) Otter 501 (2013) Articles To Capture The Imagination: Sea Studios and the Visual Art of Biology Chasing Nature: The Making of A … more

Coronavirus and blood oxygen levels

[Physician-friends, feedback invited!]We just ordered an oxygen meter for (possibly) early diagnosis of coronavirus. See:COVID-19: Home Pulse Oximetry Could Be Game Changer, Says ER Doc This from a scientist-friend (non-physician) who first suggested it:Here’s the article that talks about low oxygen preceding breathing troubleThe Infection That’s Silently Killing Coronavirus Patients Here’s one with an interview with the same physician where he mentions GermanyA German Exception? Why the Country’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low The very first paragraph of this … more

Wood versus fossil fuels

What piqued my interest: “Climate change is caused by bringing up stored carbon from underground. That’s what a fossil fuel is. Burning trees, which we also do in campfires and our fireplaces, is not as bad as burning coal.” [emphasis added] @leahstokes My replies Not sure that’s right — no time to research, but see here  “When burned, trees generate more CO2 emissions per unit of energy generated than fossil fuels.” + loss of carbon sequestration.” I’m … more

Science Denial: Covid-19 and Climate Science

Why don’t we treat climate change like an infectious disease? (Grist) ‘Misinformation kills’: The link between coronavirus conspiracies and climate denial (Grist) The COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes The Harm Of Denying Scientific Facts (Forbes) 6 Ways Trump’s Denial of Science Has Delayed the Response to COVID-19 (and Climate Change) (Inside Climate Change) If The Virus Can Decimate Global Economies So Can Climate Change (Forbes) Coronavirus and climate change: The pandemic is a fire drill for our … more

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Data Sources

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic (Worldometer) Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research (Our World in Data) Total confirmed cases of COVID-19 (US) (Our World in Data) Infection Trajectory: See Which Countries are Flattening Their COVID-19 Curve (Visual Capitalist) Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand (Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team) The Covid-19 risks for different age groups, explained (Vox) State-by-state COVID-19 projections assuming full social distancing … more