Climate Change, Anxiety, Hypocrisy

Fighting Despair

The antidote to doom is doing (SustainbleViews)
“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.”

We need the right kind of climate optimism (Vox)
Climate pessimism dooms us to a terrible future. Complacent optimism is no better.

How to fight climate despair (Vox)

Worried About the Climate? Join the Club—Literally. (The New Republic)

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Climate Impacts on Health

For mental health, landmark climate report spells disaster (Grist)
For the first time, the IPCC recognized what a warming world means for anxiety, trauma, and suicide.

The climate crisis will wreck our health


“As Bill McKibben has put it: “Changing the system, not perfecting our own lives, is the point. ‘Hypocrisy’ is the price of admission in this battle.” From A Field Guide for Transformation

Individual versus Systematic change

“Focusing on how individuals can stop climate change is very convenient for corporations” (Fast Company)

Lifestyle Changes Aren’t Enough to Save the Planet. Here’s What Could (Time)

Is individual behaviour the solution to climate change? (EssaysConcerning)