Technology PR List: Blogs and Mainstream Media

Technology PR List: Blogs and Mainstream Media.


Technology PR List: Blogs And Mainstream Media

by Alex on February 8, 2009 ·Comments

We talked about PR Tips for Startups previously on this blog. The climate has changed and a stream of steady PR is now more important than ever. Positive PR helps get users and keep the startup on everyone’s radar.

The challenge is to generate coverage even when you do not have major news like funding or a product launch. To do that you need to know that PR, like many things, is a numbers game. You need to have a list of places and work through it methodically and patiently.

We have been refreshing our list for 2009 and thought that it makes sense to share it with everyone. Here we will kick start the list and then have startups and bloggers contribute – together we can build a great list. We used Technorati, Techmeme and our own research to create this initial list. In addition to the link, we provided a brief description for top tech blogs and also indicated the type of coverage to seek.

Top Tech Blogs On Technorati

Technorati Top Blogs for years has been a trusted resource for identifying top blogs. Here are the tech blogs that are found among top 50 on Technorati.

Huffington Post (Reviews): Surprisingly, the number 1 blog on the web recently started to cover tech. Rory O’Connor writes about Web 3.0, Twitter and more.

TechCrunch (News,Reviews,Trends): Mike Arrington, Erick Schoenfeld & Co have built #1 tech blog on the web. Get coverage on TechCrunch and get ready for some serious traffic.

LifeHacker (Tips,Reviews): With the recent departure of Gina Trapani, Adam Pash is now at the helm of this hugely popular tech blog, part of the infamous Gawker network.

ArsTechnica (Reviews): A world class tech blog covering all aspects of tech from startups to big companies.

Smashing Magazine (Reviews): A blog focused on design tips. If your site/technique is worthy, you might get coverage and lots of attention.

Mashable (News,Reviews,Trends): Pete Cashmore and the crew are working tirelessly around the clock to cover web 2.0 and social networking.

ReadWriteWeb (News,Reviews,Trends): Richard MacManus has created one of the most thoughtful tech blogs, focused on trends. (Disclosure: I’ve been contributing to ReadWriteWeb since 2006).

Unofficial Apple Blog (News,Reviews): If your product is for Mac or iPhone, this blog can bring it to the world of Apple fans.

Download Squad (News,Reviews): Download Squad has been steadily rising through the Technorati ranks thanks to a great writing and elegant design.

Venture Beat (News,Reviews): Started by Matt Marshall with the focus on funding and silicon alley, the blog has since expanded to do tech reviews, and more recently green tech, mobile and even lifescience.

Wired Technology/Business (Reviews): Wired has a dozen of really outstanding blogs, and several of them are on Technorati top 100. In addition, Scott Gilbertson and Scott Loganbill write news and reviews on the legendary Monkey Bites blog.

GigaOM (News,Reviews,Trends): Om Malik & co are doing a great job of covering the world of tech startups and big companies.

ValleyWag (Tech Gossip): Getting on Valley Wag means Owen Thomas has got you in his cross hairs to make fun of. But fun or not, traffic is guaranteed from this Gawker owned blog.

Mainstream Media

Mainstream media remains a powerful influence in the tech community. Getting coverage in NY Times or Technology Review means that your technology is interesting and likely game changing. Mainstream coverage is typically different in a sense that journalists rarely do exclusive features. Instead, you have more chance facilitating a trend article that include your product.

Tech Blogs

There are lots of great tech blogs covering newest technologies, products and trends. Bloggers love to write about innovation and provide a great way to get your technology in front of the end users. Below is the alphabetical list of some tech blogs compiled based on Techmeme leaderboard, our previous coverage and additional research.


Below are the podcasts/videocasts that cover technology, focusing on news and interviews.

What Did We Miss?

These lists are just the beginning of course! Please comment on the tech blogs, mainstream publications, podcasts and video casts that you think should be added to these lists. We will update the post based on your feedback.