Evolution Markets

Evolution Markets.

Evolution Markets brings to global carbon markets the industry’s deepest knowledge base in emissions trading. The firm’s Carbon Markets Team based in London and New York has decades of combined experience executing transactions and its market expertise and global client base uniquely position the company to offer the industry’s best trade execution.

Evolution Markets is the world’s highest volume environmental broker, having facilitated more than $50 billion in trades of environmental commodities, including more trades of Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) than any other broker. Evolution Markets can also leverage the expertise and carbon finance deal making capabilities ofEvolution Markets Financial Services, Evolution Markets’ merchant banking division.

Evolution Markets has been at the forefront of global greenhouse gas emissions market development, assisting local, national and foreign governments in designing effective and efficient carbon markets. We have also facilitated trades that have met some of the market’s most important milestones – including the first trade of Assigned Amount Units (AAUs) under the Kyoto Protocol’s “International Emissions Trading” program, the first brokered trade of EU carbon allowances, and the first indexed-CER trade. (For more firsts see side bar below.)