Nonprofit Consulting and Public Policy

2007-09 Pacific Regional Director, Oceans Program, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
I managed the operations of EDF’s west coast oceans program, which includes a team of lawyers, scientists, policy analysts, economists, and lobbyists working to reform state and federal fishery management practices and advance other ocean reforms.

2005-06 Central Coast Project Manager, California Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative
The California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative is a public-private partnership aimed at improving California’s  marine protected areas. I managed a complex, high profile, collaborative  planning process along the central California coast, the first region of California  to implement the MLPA. I managed a technical planning staff that supports  a stakeholder group composed of 32 members and 23 alternates and a nine member  science advisory team.

1996-99 Founder and Consultant,  Sea Studios Foundation
Along with two other founders, I developed a novel concept for a  television production organization, helped raise $11 million for the television series  The Shape of Life (co-production with National Geographic Television),  and consulted on the development and production of the series.

1996-99 Founder  and Executive Director, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
I founded a nonprofit  foundation  for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and on a part-time basis  served as its first  executive director.

1994-95 Strategy Consultant,  Center for Marine Conservation
In cooperation with the Center for Marine Conservation and the National  Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, I wrote the business plan  for and incorporated  a nonprofit cooperating association.

1992-93 Senior Research  Analyst, California Environmental Business Opportunities Project, Community  Environmental Council
I identified emerging environmental technologies, analyzed market  barriers, and developed strategies for overcoming those barriers in collaboration  with  members  of the California Legislature, business leaders, and environmental groups.

1992 Campaign Manager,  Naomi Schwartz for Supervisor, Santa Barbara, California

1987-89 Field Representative,  State Senator Gary K. Hart
Responsibilities included constituent casework, legislative research,  business liaison, and policy analysis.

1984 Consultant, SRI  International
As special assistant to the president of SRI, I researched land  use policies and their impacts on corporate facility-siting in the Bay Area and published the San Francisco Bay Area Land Use Survey.